Improve Your Game


Perfect the timing of your plays. Decrease your release time. Develop the internal clock in your head. Practice a 2-minute drill. RT is a training tool for both recreational and professional players.


No more "One Mississippi. Two Mississippi..." No more referees with stopwatches yelling "Go!" to the defensive line. Games are now fair, clear and accurate.


Develop your own training drills and even games. Share them with the world. The sensor is easily activated by a football or your foot, making it very versatile. Applications are limitless.

What is RushTrainer?

RushTrainer is an automatic football counter that has vast applications for training and pick-up games of football. Programmable timer is activated either by lifting a foot or by removing a ball from the sensor, indicating the beginning of a play. After the countdown time expires, a sound alarm is triggered. During pick-up and intramural games, this alarm informs the players that the defending team is allowed to rush the quarterback, eliminating inconsistency and bias of verbal counting. In training, both amateur and professional, the buzzer is used to signal the end of a training drill, allowing offense to practice completing plays in the desired amount of time, thus helping to improve technique and develop quick decision-making.